You Are More Than ESSENTIAL

Looking at the current health status of the United States and abroad dealing with COVID-19, there are many needs facing our communities. The work you and our other delivery drivers are performing is more than essential. With limited restaurant access and the need for social distancing, you are helping to provide access to one of our most basic necessities; FOOD. 

With that said we want to ensure you take the steps necessary to be safe when performing all deliveries. Ensure you are abiding by all mask mandates and guidelines as well as social distancing as much as possible. Only enter into structures when the order is done to prevent crowding inside restaurants. To prevent as much transfer as possible do not check or open the customers order to check for accuracy. Be sure to provide no contact deliveries whenever possible while also ensuring that the customer receives their food safely.

As always we appreciate your commitment to being an essential cog in the machine that is Trap Eats. Continue to stay safe on the road and keep Trapn'.