About Us

Who is Trap Eats and why is it a good fit for you?

Over here at Trap Eats we consider ourselves very hard workers and the founder of this company started off driving for some of the "other guys". As gig-workers ourselves we know first hand the hardwork it takes to get up and get on the road to make some money. We like to look at it as Trapn at its essence. 

We feel we are a great fit for anyone who is looking to make some money outside of their current hustle or people looking to make us the full time hustle. When it comes to your money, we offer a very competitive pay rate which tends to average out to higher earnings than with the other options currently available in the marketplace.

With Trap Eats launching in the last quarter of 2020 we are a really new company and looking to make a huge splash on the On-Demand delivery space. Join us and help us change the world one Trapper at a time!